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How we Work? (Methodology)

QY Research Reports dedicatedly provides comprehensive market reports which comprise of in-depth and accurate valid data. Our research analysts have great proficiency in excavating data, thorough industry analysis, financial modeling, and viable studies. Our detailed market research reports are put together with a thorough blend of primary and secondary research. Our reports also focus on the critical insights of various industries’ segment. The research methodology focuses on:

-Detailed market segmentation

-Authentic data resources

-Data validation through extensive primary research

The analysts are employed full-time and received more than six months training to satisfy the standard of QY Research. QY Research’s methodology can be divided into five stages:

• Stage 1: Secondary research

The research team first works with magazines, industry trade group, and administration that operate in the research field. The information provided by our in-house documentation service helps us carrying out further research. Our team which has the experience as well as the knowledge efficiently extracts the accurate information from existing source.

Secondary research involves more of the following:

-Understanding the broad structure of the industry

-Identifying key industries’ drivers, issues and opportunities

• Stage 2: Primary research: interviews with trade sources

After the first stage, the research team conducts large number of face-to-face or web and telephonic interviews with the representative companies operating in the research field. The analysts attempt to obtain a chance to talk with leading players in the field as well as with small companies. The upstream suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, importers, installers, wholesalers and consumers are all included in the interviews. The data gathered during the interview is then carefully checked and compared with the secondary research.

Primary research is the initial and most vital element of our research process. Our research team refers to a set of factors during the primary research, like:

-Technical journals

-Trade magazines

-Independent studies

-Company reports

-Paid data sources

-Company presentation

• Stage 3: Analysis of the gathered data

The analysis team checks and synthesizes the data gathered during the first two stages. To validate the data, a second series of interviews can be conducted.

• Stage 4: Quantitative data

The research team provides appreciation and analysis of the market and overall baseline quantitative data collected in the reports. The data is consequently unique to QY Research. On the basis of the figures collected on the root level, the QY Research team provides the quantitative data as mentioned below:

-Market estimation and forecasts

-Market trend and size

-Production and capacity of manufacturers

-Investment feasibility

• Stage 5: Quality control

Before the final publishing, each report is thoroughly edited and validated by highly experienced research team just to ensure the reliability of the published data. Each research analyst in the research team receives support and on-going training, which is a part of the QY Research’s internal quality process.

Our Origin:

QY Research was established in 2007, focusing on custom research, management consulting, IPO consulting, industry chain research, data base and seminar services. We own a large basic data base, expert’s resources, professional survey team, and excellent data analysis team. QY Research is always pursuing product quality, which is the soul of the business.